Jun Huang

Assistant Professor @ Computer Science

CECA @ Peking University


Available Upon Request

Research Area

Wireless Networking Wireless Security and Privacy

Internet of Things Cyber Physical Systems


  • Our paper on Bluetooth Sniffing is accepted in TMC 2019
  • My Group's paper on detecting wireless spy cameras ACCEPTED to MobiSys 2018
  • Our paper on Practical Bluetooth Traffic Sniffing is accepted in MobiSys'16.
  • Our paper on CodeRepair is accepted in INFOCOM'15.
  • Awarded NSF Grant on Vehicular Networks (Award# 1423221) as co-PI .
  • Two papers on Identity Management of Bluetooth Devices and Improving System Throughput for Enterprise WLANS are accepted to INFOCOM 2014.
  • Our paper on utilizing protocol signature to improve the performance of physical layer channel decoding is accepted to Mobisys 2013.
  • Received the Outstanding Graduate Research Award , which is the most prestigious award given annually for graduate research by the College of Engineering, Michigan State University.
  • Our paper is accepted to ICDCS 2011.
  • My paper titled "Beyond Co-existence: Exploiting WiFi White Space for ZigBee Performance Assurance" wins the Best Paper Award at ICNP 2010!
  • Our paper "Passive Interference Measurement in Wireless Sensor Networks" is selected as a Best Paper Award candidate (6 out of 170 submissions) at ICNP 2010!
  • [10/2010] Norminated for IBM PhD Fellowship by CSE department at Michigan State University.
  • [05/2009] I received the Dean Fellowship from College of Engineering, Michigan State University.


(Names underlined are students, research staff, visiting students/scholars who worked directly with me)

NEW[ ToN 19 ] A Practical Bluetooth Traffic Sniffing System: Design, Implementation and Countermeasure.
Wahhab Albazrqaoe, Jun Huang, Guoliang Xing
NEW[ IPSN 19 ] [ CPS-IoT Week 19 ] SoftLoRa -- A LoRa-Based Platform for Accurate and Secure Timing(Poster) .
Chaojie Gu, Rui Tan, Jun Huang
NEW[ TMC 18 ] Wearables Clock Synchronization Using Skin Electric Potentials.
Zhenyu Yan, Rui Tan, Yang Li, Jun Huang
NEW[ MobiSys 18 ] Detecting Wireless Spy Cameras Via Stimulating and Probing.
Tian Liu, Ziyu Liu, Jun Huang, Rui Tan, Zhen Tan
[ SenSys 17 ] Application-Layer Clock Synchronization for Wearables Using Skin Electric Potentials Induced by Powerline Radiation.
Zhenyu Yan, Yang Li, Rui Tan, Jun Huang
[ IoTDI 17 ] SafeWatch: A Wearable Hand Motion Tracking System for Improving Driving Safety.
Chongguang Bi, Jun Huang, Guoliang Xing, Landu Jiang, Xue Liu, Minghua Chen
[ INFOCOM 17 ] Harnessing hardware defects for improving wireless link performance: Measurements and applications.
Alireza Ameli Renani, Jun Huang, Guoliang Xing, Abdol-Hossein Esfahanian
[ SMARTCOMP 17 ] FitBeat: A Lightweight System for Accurate Heart Rate Measurement during Exercise.
Linlin Tu, Jun Huang, Chongguang Bi, Guoliang Xing
[ TMC 16 ] Accuracy-Aware Interference Modeling and Measurement in Wireless Sensor Networks.
Xiangmao Chang, Jun Huang, Shucheng Liu, Guoliang Xing, Hongwei Zhang, Jianping Wang, Liusheng Huang, Yi Zhuang
[ MobiSys 16 ] Practical Bluetooth Traffic Sniffing: Systems and Privacy Implications.
Wahhab Albazrqaoe, Jun Huang, Guoliang Xing
[ INFOCOM 15 ] CodeRepair: PHY-layer partial packet recovery without the pain.
Jun Huang, Guoliang Xing, Jianwei Niu, Shan Lin
[ INFOCOM 14 ] Unleashing exposed terminals in enterprise WLANs: A rate adaptation approach.
Jun Huang, Guoliang Xing, Gang Zhou
[ INFOCOM 14 ] BlueID: A practical system for Bluetooth device identification.
Jun Huang, Wahhab Albazrqaoe, Guoliang Xing
[ MobiSys 13 ] LEAD: leveraging protocol signatures for improving wireless link performance.
Jun Huang, Yu Wang, Guoliang Xing
[ TMC 12 ] Efficient Rendezvous Algorithms for Mobility-Enabled Wireless Sensor Networks.
Guoliang Xing, Minming Li, Tian Wang, Weijia Jia, Jun Huang
[ ICDCS 11 ] Accuracy-Aware Interference Modeling and Measurement in Wireless Sensor Networks.
Jun Huang, Shucheng Liu, Guoliang Xing, Hongwei Zhang, Jianping Wang, Liusheng Huang
[ ICNP 10 ] Passive interference measurement in Wireless Sensor Networks.
Shucheng Liu, Guoliang Xing, Hongwei Zhang, Jianping Wang, Jun Huang, Mo Sha, Liusheng Huang
BEST PAPER [ ICNP 10 ] Beyond co-existence: Exploiting WiFi white space for Zigbee performance assurance.
Jun Huang, Guoliang Xing, Gang Zhou, Ruogu Zhou
[ RTSS 09 ] Multi-Channel Interference Measurement and Modeling in Low-Power Wireless Networks.
Guoliang Xing, Mo Sha, Jun Huang, Gang Zhou, Xiaorui Wang, Shucheng Liu


Ph.D., Department of Computer Science, Michigan State University

M.E., B.E, Department of Computer Science, Beihang University